Myles Mcintyre Maillie

On many a wintery day playing outside was not an option. Drifts over our house were yards deeper than I was feet tall. The front yard was one of several ice rinks in the neighborhood. My welcoming introduction was Montreal.

At the age of four my family, mother, father, older sister and a packed Mayflower moved to Cincinnati, a home with a picturesque, floor-to-ceiling window facing a bird feeder. The "Little Miami" river, a waist-high soothing tributary meandered in the woods. There I saw my one and only Oriole bird's nest.

The August before the first grade a boxed and blanketed "Red Ball" moved us to our final destination, the south, the capital of Tennessee.

I attended high school in Nashville and went to Middle Tennessee State University on a Track scholarship, majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Economics.

After graduation I VW'ed to Los Angeles having to be towed the last 150 miles by an Electra 225, its bumper and a long chain.

I lived in the sand on the weekends. With a five foot board and a twenty minute cruise

down Sunset, Will Rogers State Beach became my 'Surf City'.

Friends and softball called me back to Nashville by age 25. Clueless concerning career and unsatisfied, I introspectively listed my parents qualities. I saw my dad's outgoingness and respectfulness but never had my sister or I explored our mother's life-long pursuit of painting. She was always, through formal study, striving to better her draftsmanship and use of color. A portion of all vacations had us stopping in larger cities roaming through the art museums.

With a little motivation and a library card I began checking out coffee table size books of great art collections and individual masters. My mousey, roachy apartment became a gallery of biographies and line drawings of favorite paintings. Crayons and construction paper came later.

This site displays only recent works, forty plus years since that first paper and pen. 

Myles Maillie

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